Wednesday, April 11, 2007


01 - China : 1,306,313,812
02 - India : 1,080,264,388
03 - European Union : 456,953,258
04 - United States : 295,734,134
05 - Indonesia : 241,973,879
06 - Brazil : 186,112,794
07 - Pakistan : 162,419,946
08 - Bangladesh : 144,319,628
09 - Russia : 143,420,309
10 - Nigeria : 128,765,768
11 - Japan : 127,417,244
12 - Mexico : 106,202,903
13 - Philippines : 87,857,473
14 - Vietnam : 83,535,576
15 - Germany : 82,431,390

this was the total population of the world as of July 2005 ( over 6.5 billion) as per The International Programs Center (IPC), part of the Population Division of the U.S. Census Bureau.

Let me tell you about the rodamidorafaceanimisisksm theory:

Out of over 6.5 billion people, there are only 20 people who think like me and is almost like me. Half of them although they think like me and is almost like me doesn't mean that they like me. With the remaining half, 5 of them like me in a way they never said hello for almost 10 years. The last remaining five love me. One of them loves me the most. And I'm satisfied knowing that out of over 6.5 billion people there's one person who loves me the most. =)

Talk about 1 over 6.5 billion chances. gah! I'm so bad with Probability, but I am so good with Statistics.

the rodamidorafaceanimisisksm theory comes along with a fact and rodariatic equation. it's an August 8 fact. I'll think about how to draw the equation later.

[EDITED] here's the rodariatic equation —


R dr r (har dee har har)

get it?

Saturday, April 7, 2007


My life, and by extension everyone else's is meaningless. Yes, that sequence of words I just said made perfect sense.

Oh, my, yes.
My words are the crumbs which fall from the feast in the mind. Warning! This blog may contain some materials and other prints not suitable for very critical audiences. Self-control is recommended.

I am so bored, but I gots me a new template after 3 yrs!

I am so bored - video powered by Metacafe

This is my first entry after 3 years of circuit fockup. I was busy being fried by those heartless chefs, so yeah. I clearly didn't know what I was saying on the video. I was reading something while talking at the same time.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Summer time

Oh, my, Yes! I feel the season. And this video fits the weather so well. Imagine Derek Sherinian ( former Dream Theatre keyboardist ) Slash, Zakk Wylde, and Billy Idol play together. Powerhouse, Yeah! for some head rockin' stuffs, you may visit Derek Sherinian's site.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

the art of talking to one’s self

Summer's here! weeeeeee

Friday, March 30, 2007

It’s Saturday, wanna rage?

There's always a time when I hate everyone. I hate everyone now. Oh yeah, I just woke up so stay away from me within 50 miles radius from where I am sitting now. Because dear friends, lovers, enemies and fuckers, I literally eat fresh human kidney. I have animal tendencies to devour any food looking mammal like you paired with Taho and Quail eggs. Speaking of Taho and Quail Eggs, let me tell you a story. Now you have to read this. If not, what are you doing here in my blog? Better fuck off, hit control+ALT+ delete and die. Hmmhkay, here it is. A long 1440 minutes ago, there stood a young waifish Princess who was craving for Taho and Quail eggs. She thought of traveling the mountains, walking using her two waifish hands just to buy those Immortality Taho and Quail eggs at a local sports complex. And so she came (in the sports complex, silly!) waving Mr. Taho hello, saying '' give me 5 tall glasses or I'll eat your soul.'' Afraid that She might eat his soul, Mr. Taho hurriedly filled the glasses and handed it to her with tremble. (Yes, she is immortal now, so be very afraid.) Satisfied with how she gulped the Taho heartily and how it filled her parasite-filled stomach, Her Highness then asked Mr. Taho "where's Mr. Quail egg man?" He just shrugged. Her left brow raised with a perfect 45 degrees angle, but she didn't bother eating his soul when he shrugged ( how dare he!) because she's merciful like that and because he is stinky. For the benefit of mankind and her poor parasites, she waited Mr. Quail egg man because [ insert any stupid reason here, I can't think of any. This one is stupid enough, I guess ]. SO she waited for 10..15..30 minutes. She couldn't sense his chakra at all. She decided to go home walking using her two waifish hands and felt her purpose going to the sport complex was defeated because Mr. Stupid Quail egg man didn't show up.

The end.

a little chitchat with my sister Sakura chan earlier today:

Sakura chan: daddy says come home. He misses you already.

Me: O rly? Ok. When I get fat. So how's the puppies?

That is all. And I still hate you. so close your browser rack off and die. NOW!

This is not the fairest dinkum you know. so smile. =p

Question: Is Sanjaya still singing in American Idol? You should know that Sanjaya in India literally means William Hung in English.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

la nuit passée

Wearing all shades of green at night on a reggae fest ain't a good idea I tells ya! ( I was wearing shades of green and i felt out of place) Jaan and I went to Paseo and saw bajillion emo kids wearing all black with real thick eyeliners and devil knows what they are thinking! It's 'spose to be REGGAE not ReGAY!!! Them punks and goths should know the color wheel or at least make friends with Red, Green and Yellow at one time. Seriously, wacha theenk about this?

Grand, ain't it? I'm not a reggae fan whatsoever, unless it's Matisyahu. But wearing like that on a reggae fest is just sooo wrong. Anyway, since the place was crazy and something was seriously wrong, we decided to teleport somewhere where emo kids are not allowed. but before we hit our little teleport machine button, one punk approached me and gave me this

Hi, ja ja ja ja ja ja… then said, screen test is at WaterFront Citi Gym. Sheeez! Screen test is at CitiGym where I go work my saggy ass out and skinny weeny arms and legs! wuteentawutda! I'm aware that that punk works at BigFoot Entertainment where they film international movies. Bigfoot is errrr..Bigfoot. Should I give it a try? Yes? Seriously?No? hmm'kay! =D maybe when I'm not sober and looks 50 times fatter on screen, then Yeah.

after that weird one-way conversation with that punk, we teleported at Outpost and jammed or let's just say we made a ruckus for 5 minutes while crooning the song Colors by Amos Lee (head rocking, neck stiffing version).

this is Outpost's counter.

T'was a long night. It ended well and good so it's cool and I was dead drunk (Not).

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bender MSPaintified

So I went back home from work 'round 12:30 pm and dozed off for 7 hrs. I realised I told somebody to prepare for tomorrow's showdown. cram!! I haven't finished any drawing at all and I only have half an hour left to draw at least one of the pic because I have to go to Paseo (for some reggae reason–though I'm not a fan of reggae at all, well i said yes to someone to come along with the said event because he's gonna play with Island Joe..sorry guys got no links for Island Joe *phew*)

I apologise to the challenger ( I keep him waiting for for 2 weeks for this MSpaint challenge). So here. Will post Fry and Spongebob tomorrow.

Bite my shiny metal ass, Challenger!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

creepin’ in

And I thought i'd be gone for a month. Well, it's just a thought. Silly for one. So i'm soaking as of the moment infront of the puter trying to figure out the right skin color for this *stuff* I am working. I am so bored and got nothing to do that I tried counting stretch marks and lost count. and yeah, I helped Bim count his pic's stretch marks as well. Luckily, I found one bumpy stretchmark. Can't post the pic here as per owner's request. (it's one blackmail item for sure. wehehe).
While i was busy counting stretch marks, the French lady dropped by again and said "Hi, how are you? You're extremely pretty and serene. How'd you do that? "and I went like *haha* ( mouth slightly opened, with a puzzled look still). You see, just when I need my narcissistic food, she comes along to feed me. Seriously, I need to gain weight.

Friday, March 16, 2007

summer barbed wires

I honestly don't like the thought of me wearing like this in public. Even though i know that a bikini is like a barbed-wire fence, it protects the property without obstructing the view. I just don't' have the guts to wear it i think..and the body to show as well. But I'll try to wear one this summer. (that is if I already weigh 120 lbs)

on the flipside, my head is battling with my head. you know the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere…they were battling about this—- “what the heck is MORE POWER?” you know people say,MORE POWER to you man!<- that sounds so sucky! i heard that since ice age. was that an idiom that Google,Wikipedia, And all those sites forgot to tell me or Merriam Webster just don’t want to get involved?

woooo hoooo!!! more power to me!

when Oprah said that the duct tape is like the force. It has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the universe together. was she talking about “MORE POWER?”

damn it!